Painting your dream home…

Chances are if you rent your home, you’re going to have to learn to love “builder’s beige” on your walls. But if you own your own home, condo, or townhouse, you have a great opportunity to add personality to your space through the use of colors and textures.

And now, more than ever before, there are paint palettes and products that can accommodate your sense of style and make your home truly unique. So whether your style is classic and simple, fresh and fun, bold and bright, or purely whimsical, there are products and techniques that can bring that vision to life.

Your budget may also determine how and when you will decorate your home. We take that into consideration when selecting the products for your job. We will always select the best product for the job within your budget range.

So, let’s get started!

Determining what type of room you want to decorate will help determine the scope of the project. Do you want to paint a family room? Bathroom? Bedroom? If you’re painting a bedroom, is it a nursery for a baby — or do you need to turn that nursery into a room fit for an older child? Perhaps you like the colors in the room, but you want to change to a different shade of that color in order to reflect changes in your own life.

There are a multitude of choices for every type of room, and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we can help bring your vision to life. You want someone who:

  • Can recommend the paints that will work best in your home
  • Will advise you on the work needed to prepare the space for painting
  • Will understand your concerns about lead paint, and advise you about the appropriate method for dealing with this.
  • Can suggest alternatives to traditional paint that you may not be aware of, including Venetian plaster, or other specialty coatings.

Wallpaper or Wallcoverings

Handyman putting up wallpaper on the white wallsPerhaps wallpaper seems old fashioned to you – you think of Victorian times, or the Country decorating schemes of the 1980′s. You may think you will never want wallpaper in your house.

But today’s wall coverings offer a variety of options. There are textured wall coverings such as grasscloth that look both modern and exotic. There are wall-size murals that will give you the look of that ocean paradise all year long. There are even ways to turn your own photographs into murals! You want someone who:

  • Can advise you on the best use of a wallpaper mural for an accent wall
  • Install paintable wallpaper to add subtle texture to your walls or ceilings
  • Expertly remove wallpaper, when it’s just not your style

Decorative Painting

You’re probably wondering if decorative painting is right for your house. Glad you asked!

As a homeowner, you want someone who:There are a wide variety of products on the market today that offer more options than what paint alone can do. These products, referred to as specialty coatings, can be applied in a manner similar to paint, but give a finished appearance that mimics other natural materials, such as stone or slate. In addition, coatings are now available to reface your sink, tub, or tiles. So whether you have cracked or chipped fixtures, or you just want to change the color of your tiles, there is a product for you.

  • Is knowledgeable about the variety of speciality coatings available today
  • Can refinish your plain concrete steps to look like stone or slate
  • Can add some zing to an outdated countertop
  • Can resurface your tub, sink, or tiles

Textured Ceilings

Textured White Ceiling BackgroundIt’s easy to ignore or even forget about that fifth wall in your room, the one that exists right above your head – the ceiling. To some, the ceiling is the unwanted step child but here at Cloudland, we welcome the ceiling into our extended family. It often can be the belle of the ball and is fun to think about if you let your imagination soar.

There are many techniques to use when contemplating a ceiling makeover. But whether you are wanting to get rid of that popcorn ceiling or add texture to a rather flat fifth wall, consider Cloudland as your expert ceiling advisor.

Exotic faux finishes and decorative plasters on your ceiling can really add dimension and depth to a room. We have artists on board who can make your ceiling a spectacular one of a kind experience. Call us for details.

Textured ceilings are often referred to as “popcorn ceilings” for their bumpy appearance. A very popular technique at one time for adding interest to the “fifth wall,” many homes still retain textured ceilings. Whether you like this look, or you want to make a change, you want someone who:

  • Can make repairs to damage on your textured ceilings for a cohesive and seamless look
  • Remove the texture and repaint your ceilings, when you want a more modern and streamlined look

If you decide to repaint your ceiling, you may want to consider treating it as a “fifth wall,” and add some color. Subtle color on your ceiling can tie it in to your overall decorating scheme, and bold color on the ceiling adds drama.

Plaster Repairs

RoomInteriorReal estate agents say the most important rule is “location, location, location.” Likewise, when painting your house the most important rule is “preparation, preparation, preparation!” Before we can do a great paint job, we have to have a solid surface on which to work. Sometimes this entails repairs to plaster or wood.