Whether you live in a Victorian, a Colonial, a cape, or a ranch, your home is your castle…or your chateau, your villa, or hacienda. This is your space, and it should reflect who you are.

You want the exterior of your home to have curb appeal. If your home has a lot of architectural details, you want to show them off to their best advantage. If your home is devoid of these details, you may need some creativity to show off it’s charms. Either way, choosing the right color palette for your home will give it the personality it deserves.

When you hire someone to paint your home, you want someone who will:

  • Prepare the outside surfaces of your home, so that you’ll have a long-lasting, high quality paint job.
  • Paint your home quickly and efficiently.
  • Take care of your landscaping while working
  • Utilize paints that are good for the environment

Paint Removal

Lead Paint HazardIf you live in a newer home, paint removal may be simple or straight forward. If you live in a house that was built prior to 1978, chances are there is lead paint in your home and paint removal can be tricky. What are the best options? You want someone who:

  • Has training on lead safety issues
  • Can advise you honestly about the best methods for achieving the results you need



deckrestorationIf you love to entertain, chances are your deck is a vital part of your summer dinner parties. Decks are literally an extension of your home – they give you that extra space you need for comfortable outdoor living, and they should be given the same attention you give to the rest of your home.

If your deck leads directly to a pool, safety is of great concern too. Deck sealing and restoration can provide you with a safe and beautiful surface on which to dine, host “outdoor movie night,” play, or just relax.

If your deck isn’t living up to your standards, you want someone who:

  • Can clean your deck with pressure washing
  • Provide deck sealing and restoration
  • Prolong the life of your deck through wood preservation

ART – Advanced Repair Technology

Although we may not be artists like Matisse or Monet, our team of professional painters have been certified in ART – Advanced Repair Technology. In fact, Cloudland Paintworks is the only painting company in Connecticut to be listed as a Recognized Applicator for ART.

This unique polymer-based system can restore even extreme damage to wood, making it as solid as new. This wood preservation product can also be painted or stained, just like any other surface in your home.

Pressure Washing

pictures-as-of-12-30-10-163Pressure washing, or power washing, is a great tool for cleaning siding, stairs, patios, or decks – and for removing stains and mildew. Whether your siding is vinyl or clapboard, power washing should be part of your routine home maintenance. When you are ready for power washing you want someone who can:

  • Wash your vinyl siding and renew its appearance
  • Remove stains and mildew from your clapboard siding
  • Refresh your deck, patio, or steps


Historic Restoration

From 1800 farmhouses to downtown commercial historic buildings to arts and crafts homes, we are known for our quality restoration work and take great pride in bringing homes back to their original glory.